Marytheresa C.

Marytheresa C.

Before Kevin Le, my biggest struggle was getting to the gym and actually working out.   I met Kevin years ago when I was with a different trainer.  I stopped working out with a trainer for awhile to save money but was not successful in getting to the gym.   When I searched for another trainer, I remembered Kevin at Next Level and sought him out.  At that time, he was the only person I felt comfortable enough with to be accountable to.

Marytheresa C. TricepsAfter being away…although I managed to keep my weight in check…I was getting soft since I was not weight training.  I wanted to gain lean muscle mass.   I felt like i was just skinny fat. 

 It only affected my life in the respect that I did not like the way that i fit in my clothes..therefore I would not want to go shopping or try to dress nice. Skinny fat with no shape to my body. 

Kevin’s program not only got me into shape in terms of muscle tone but it also helped me a lot in Paddling.  Because I was getting stronger, I felt more confident in pushing myself harder in the being competitive in the Paddling sport.   I got to a point where i was challenged myself to compete in the Maui to Molokai OC1 race.

My life has changed in the way that I know that I need to workout to stay healthy and the fact that i have seen great results from Kevin just tells that I am capable to keeping up the hard work.  It is never easy…it is hard work…but worth it when you see the results.