Jenna O.

Jenna O

Jenna o beforeMy biggest struggle was finding discipline in my eating habits and to continue on going to the gym. I needed a set schedule of when to work out but could never find the right time to work out or I was always busy. My biggest frustration was, I would work out aka doing cardio because I had this obsession of running but running does help but doesn’t help lose everything. So just running and was seeing result and wasn’t was really a big frustration.

To be honest, I felt like I looked good but at the same time I was always tired and had no energy. Also, I looked in the mirror one day and realized in pictures that I didn’t look so great. That took a toll on me and made me realize that I was over weight and I shouldn’t be this heavy for my age and my height. Also, that I needed to do something about it.

I worked my butt off every week Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 am. Kevin Le was a big supporter/ my trainer and without him pushing me past my limits in order for me to better myself I wouldn’t look like I do today. The program really helped me control those cravings because with just working out, I tended to crave more protein to get that energy instead of eating cake which is a wasted calories. I look at it from a different prospective that eating junk food is just wasted calories when you could have had a meal with protein.

Life is so amazing! I feel way more energized and full of life then I did last year in 2014 when I started losing the weight. I am a way happier person now and still I am working to reach another goal. I am so glad that KevinĀ helped me get to my first goal of my weight loss.