Cynthia S.

Before life with Kevin, my biggest struggle was attaining that next level of fitness that I could feel, had glimpses of and could see, but did not know what to do to achieve it! I was on a fitness journey of sorts. I wanted to look normal, not large or small, just normal. I had recently lost weight, was eating pretty well but the overall shape of my body was about the same, just a smaller size. With Kevin’s help I feel like my overall body composition changed.

Being over weight and out of shape affected so many areas of my life. While I have always been a ‘home body’ I used that as an excuse to not go out and be with friends or to social settings. When I think back to my heavier days, I used to dread getting dressed up and being around too many people … I didn’t want to be noticed and believe me I wasn’t!

I felt pretty lousy about the way my body looked. I used to say that I didn’t want anyone looking at me … staying fat was a pretty good way to blend in with the rest of the people around me.  But also, before my transformation I thought, “Oh, if only I was thin and fit than all of my life’s problems would be solved” Guess what … that is not the case. And in fact, after I first lost weight, I had “good” friends that would no longer speak to me!

1466049_10152370532431954_4794458666891428015_nKevin’s program helped me in every way! Within a couple of months I saw a change in my body … my muscles became defined, my cardio activities became easier … I started running and I was getting a better workout during the boxing classes. Also … I feel normal. I am not the fat person in the room and I am not the thin person in the room … I’m just normal!

Well now I feel like there isn’t anything I can’t do. Kevin has given me the tools to achieve almost anything I want. He has shown me that if I really set my mind on achieving something, with his help, I will be successful! Thanks Kevin!