Courtney C.

Before finding Kevin as a trainer my overall struggle was pure laziness and motivation to stick with an active routine of working out. Being an athlete my whole life I had constant mandatory practices/training with a coach where I had to be there in order to play. After two major injuries and being told I was unable to play, I continued my eating habits as if I was working out and my body expanded to knew levels to say the least. My biggest frustration was getting back in the groove of things but not knowing where to start. I had goals & results that I wanted for myself but didn’t know where to begin. A gym can be the most overwhelming and intimidating place to be when you have no idea what you are doing, which makes it easy to give up so many times. It wasn’t till a customer got my butt in the UFC gym & Kevin did my evaluation that my life & weight changed dramatically.

For the longest time I was fine, as is. Confident in myself in every aspect, or so I thought. I used my story of being a 24 year-old owning her own business as my cover & confident booster. It wasn’t until I had my weight thrown in my face that I started to realize if one person thinks this about me, imagine how many others think this but don’t say it to me. I started really analyzing myself fitness-wise and realized what losing weight and becoming healthier will do not only for myself, but for my business image as well. Thank God New Years was around the corner and next thing I knew, my New Year’s resolution had started.

Courtney C.From day one of getting my evaluation done from Kevin, which was an embarrassment in itself, I can now say it is extremely fun laughing with Kevin about how I use to look when I first walked into the UFC gym to the girl he has transformed me to be now. His program I stubbornly questioned multiple times & that’s just because I lacked knowledge and also use to doing things my way. After finally shutting up and listening to Kevin, my meal plans were made, and my weekly workouts were given. Nothing makes me more happy than waking up bright and early to get my butt kicked into shape with a trainer who wants results just as bad as I do. I not only have dropped a tremendous amount of weight but I have discovered muscles I never even knew I had. Kevin’s program has not only transformed my body into something I never thought it could be but also brought out a lot happier and even more confident Courtney.

Life after 6 months of getting my butt whipped into shape has been a dramatic change. Everything from my day to day feels better and, business-wise, it is so much more of a success story. Being able to wear the amazing styles and clothing that I sell in my store is the biggest accomplishment. I am my own biggest promoter for my store now. I never thought in a MILLION YEARS that I would have a fitness clothing line contacting me not only sell their line in shop but also to do a photo shoot for them & or be named OC “It Girl” for Locale Magazine. I am happier each and every day with myself & my results. There is a lot more in store for me to achieve and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else by my side. Kevin has been more of a blessing than ever imaginable & I not only got a trainer to kick my butt but a life long friend ( that better not ever let me get fat again!). LIFE IS GREAT!