Cindy E.

Before training with Kevin, I felt like I was too overweight to workout. I was unable to workout without being in pain. I had limitations because I was so overweight.

I didn’t workout at all and hardly did any type of physical activity. I felt sluggish all of the time. I wasn’t able to fully enjoy myself, especially while traveling. I dreaded flying on an airplane. Having to squeeze into my seat was horrible.

Kevin introduced me to his training program. It was realistic and simple (which meant it was attainable): workout regularly and watch what I ate. No fad diet. No fad workout regimen. No shakes. No cleansing. Just workout (even with my limits and some minor discomfort) and be mindful of what I eat. I now feel okay going to the gym and working out. I am more aware of food and how many calories are in the types of food I eat. It helped me by making me realize that I am responsible (and of course with Kevin’s support) for myself. It’s all up to what I eat and being physical. Not just working out, but being more active.

Life is amazing! I still have a ways to go, but it truly is unbelievable. I will actually go out and do a little hike all by myself. Absolutely unheard of in my previous life! Traveling is a breeze. I still remember my husband’s face when we first flew together after I had started to lose weight. He looked down to where our seats met and there was a gap. He just stared at me, no words were necessary. And of course shopping! Being able to buy clothes at a regular store instead of only at a plus size store is a great feeling.