Celeste D.

Before meeting Kevin, my biggest struggle was motivation to make myself a priority in my own life. I knew I wanted to be healthier but I couldn’t imagine how in the world I could become healthy with such a busy schedule of juggling motherhood, work, and school. Before I met Kevin I was so frustrated because I didn’t know the first thing about effective exercise, healthy cooking and meal prepping. I assumed that learning those things would be difficult and time consuming tasks; task that I believed I didn’t have time or money for because I was too busy tending to other priorities in my life.

Before my transformation I was always stressed, tired, and depressed. During the week, I’d give all my time & energy to work, family, and school that by the end of the day I was too drained to grocery shop or cook. I ate fast food on a daily basis; I’m talking morning, day, and night. Despite how exhausted I was, I never slept well. I frequently woke up feeling extremely tired. I had frequent headaches. I got sick often. I carried my inhaler everywhere due to wheezing and allergies. I had frequent back pain because I was so sedentary. I felt so horrible about myself that I avoided going out in public as much as possible. I only went out when I absolutely had to (i.e. for work, for school, for my family). I declined opportunities to be social. On the weekends all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. It was depressing being home, but it was easier than trying to try to find something presentable to wear. I did not feel good mentally, physically, or emotionally. This was my life for about 9 years. I knew I needed help to make a change, but I felt I didn’t have the time or money to do so.

Kevin’s program helped me get back control of my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kevin is so knowledgeable and patient. He really knows how to break things down for people like me who become easily overwhelmed. He took the time to understand my struggles (time and money) and he worked around them. He helped me learn how to do the most effective workouts within my limited available time. He taught me how to meal prep in such an easy and efficient way. Kevin taught me how to push through even when I felt emotionally drained and discouraged. But the most absolute valuable thing that Kevin’s program helped me with was motivation. He kept me motivated through accountability and encouragement. He checked in daily to see how my meals were going, to reminded me the importance of drinking lots of water, and to remind me to make myself a priority because my goals were absolutely attainable. The daily & weekly encouragement was HUGE for me. There were so many days when my busy life tried to convince me to throw in the towel, but Kevin’s encouragement talked me out of giving up.

Kevin’s program helped me get back control of my life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Now my life is so different. I look forward to going to the gym. I crave the gym and being active. I’ve even started running in little 10K races. I sleep better. I stopped getting headaches and getting sick all the time. I’ve dropped 2 clothing sizes but that doesn’t matter too much to me. What I really love is that I feel more comfortable in my own skin. My family, friends, and coworkers all comment how much happier and more sociable I am. For the first time in my life I understand what it takes for me to be healthier and I am making it happen. For the first time in my life I don’t dread exercise and healthy eating, instead I am enjoying it. Thanks to Kevin, I feel so empowered.