Alexandra N.

I have always been a healthy eater and very conscious of what I put into my body and how it effects me, exercising regularly and staying active has also been a important part of my lifestyle. For the most part I felt like my body didn’t respond as much as it should for what I put it through. I felt … Read More

Celeste D.

Before meeting Kevin, my biggest struggle was motivation to make myself a priority in my own life. I knew I wanted to be healthier but I couldn’t imagine how in the world I could become healthy with such a busy schedule of juggling motherhood, work, and school. Before I met Kevin I was so frustrated because I didn’t know the … Read More

Karen L.

My most favorite accomplishment was being able to do a pull-up without assistance. I also love seeing the muscle definition in my body.

Cindy E.

Life is amazing! I still have a ways to go, but it truly is unbelievable.

Jenna O.

Jenna O

Life is so amazing! I feel way more energized and full of life then I did last year in 2014 when I started losing the weight.

Marytheresa C.

Marytheresa C.

My life has changed in the way that I know that I need to workout to stay healthy and the fact that i have seen great results from Kevin just tells that I am capable to keeping up the hard work.

Tabatha H.

I lost 10 pounds and got in the best shape!

Courtney C.

Nothing makes me more happy than waking up bright and early to get my butt kicked into shape with a trainer who wants results just as bad as I do.

Cynthia S.

I feel normal. I am not the fat person in the room and I am not the thin person in the room … I’m just normal!